Maybe we need to disallow regards to the second types

Maybe we need to disallow regards to the second types

Seatbelts, airbags, catalytic converters, child-proof caps, caution names (into the cigarettes and you can medicines), structure has specified by building codes or the ADA, safety measures in the electrical devices — record is endless

  1. Restraints towards the resale otherwise local rental by individual regarding their backup of your equipment;
  2. Constraints to the manufacturers’ warranties;
  3. Restrictions for the switching or tampering on tool (also disassembling him or her or reverse technologies);
  4. Restrictions into the uses of product that might have been permitted by the application of the brand new fair-have fun with philosophy for the copyright laws legislation;
  5. Criteria your user maybe not event the brand new validity of the producer’s copyright laws or patent;
  6. Criteria that associate spend royalties getting a time longer than could well be permitted because of the copyright laws or patent rules. (mais…)

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